Mordhau Exhibition League Division 1

-Winner gets +1 point loser gets -1 point.

— Points are an average of the rounds won in their match —

If score would be negative you should just add 0 points not deduct it

— System is made that a fast 7-0 / 7-0 /7-0 will give you the most points and your opponent 0 points

— Prolonging a game will not result in more points, on the contrary it will make you lose points.

— This way of resulting in points will give a more fair representation of the skill of the team i.e

Team A: 7 7 7

Team B: 5 6 5

Old system: Team A= 3 points // Team B = 0 points

New system: Team A = 8 points // Team B = 4 points

Updated Rules as voted by the current clan leaders @everyone

(1) Pressing END as a way to disadvantage your adversary is forbidden
1st time: Round Lost
2nd time: Match lost
(2) 50% for two hitters
Only two members of one team can have a two hit weapon to tier three chest.
This includes: Executioner, eveningstar, polehammer, waxe, mace and maul
Picking up the weapon from the other team will not been seen as a rule violation 1st time:
Round lost 2nd time: Match lost
(3) One weapon ban
Each team is allowed to ban one weapon from the match, this effects both you and your opponent.
This rule is easiest controled with using cskm
(4) Stretched res is not allowed
This is easiest controled by adding ConstrainAspectRatio=1.777778 to your config


Mordhau Exhibition League Division 1

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