League: EU:MFC

All games are played on cskm_steedie_contraband
All games are BO5

Health regen is disabled.
Stretched Resolution/Cheater-Res is disabled & banned.
Throwing is disabled.

All bows & projectile weapons are disabled.
Held-parry shields are disabled (regardless of whether they are used in turtle mode or not)
Smoke bombs and fire pots are disabled.
Toolboxes are disabled.
Pavise shields are disabled.
Health regen items are disabled.
Bloodlust & Flesh Wound are disabled
A team using more than 2 of the same 7 and above point weapons is banned. (Does not apply if the same weapon is stacked multiple times onto one player)

Players are expected to use their correct alias when playing in official matches.
Only the players taking part in the match are allowed to stay in spectate — if spectators are permitted, they must remain silent.
Intentionally losing matches (match-fixing) is forbidden.
Exploits & third party cheats are forbidden.
Alting/Smurfing is strictly forbidden.
Griefing in any and all forms is forbidden.
Refusing to engage or participate during a match is forbidden.
Failure of a team to show up for a match will result in a default forfeit of 3-0.
Excessive toxicity and obscenity is forbidden.